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Overbite Android updated to 0.2.6 with Android 12 support

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Bringing gopherspace back to modern operating systems, browsers and mobile devices
Return to the Gopher protocol's low bandwidth and high efficiency, right from your mobile phone or modern computer! Quickly connect to downloads, services and servers maintained across the global Gopherspace using the Overbite Project's free open source gopher client software.

What's Gopher good for? Gopher isn't a "mini-Web": it's an efficient, low-impact way to collect and organize documents, files and services. Its hierarchical nature and menu-document model complement the Web and FTP, and it is faster to access and simpler to process.

Read our position statement: Why is Gopher still relevant?

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for Mozilla Firefox
Quantum 57+

PCs and Browsers

OverbiteWX is a WebExtensions-compatible add-on for Mozilla Firefox that brings back Gopher support to Firefox Quantum by automatically connecting Gopher URLs you type and click on. Written in cross-platform JavaScript and runs anywhere Firefox runs, including Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux! Free and open-source!

We recommend getting it direct from Mozilla. Grab it right from your browser from Mozilla Add-ons! Automatically kept up to date!

The current version automatically redirects your Gopher requests to the Floodgap Public Gopher Proxy. Future versions will directly connect when a solution for bug 1247628 is devised.

Try the experimental OverbiteNX for proxy-free native connections. Get the beta from Mozilla Add-ons!

for Mozilla Firefox 52ESR,
and SeaMonkey

PCs and Browsers
This version is intended for Gecko browsers compatible with legacy addons. It is not compatible with Firefox 57 or later: use OverbiteWX. It is no longer supported.

The original OverbiteFF is a cross-platform Mozilla Firefox, TenFourFox and SeaMonkey add-on that brings back Gopher support to Mozilla browsers with an attractive and customizable interface, improved protocol support (including CSO/ph, finger and whois), and full integration with Firefox, TenFourFox and SeaMonkey including downloads, bookmarkable URLs and web-gopher interoperability. Written in cross-platform JavaScript. Free and open-source!

Manual download for Firefox 38-56; SeaMonkey 2.35+ and TenFourFox: download and install version 3.1

Documentation for OverbiteFF 3.1 (This URL is hosted in Gopherspace and requires Overbite to be installed, or a Gopher-compatible browser.)

You can still download OverbiteFF 1.1 for Firefox 2 (gopher URL), download OverbiteFF 2.1 for Firefox 3/3.5 (gopher URL), or download OverbiteFF 3.0 for Firefox 3.6-37 (gopher URL). They are also no longer supported.

Overbite for Android™

If you're looking for a MIDlet version for your J2ME or Java ME-compatible mobile device, look at PocketGopher by Felix Plesoianu! Includes source code.
Or, try another PocketGopher, an unrelated project for Android by Afonso Trepa. Also includes source.

Overbite for Android brings Gopher support to your Android 4.0+ mobile phone or device. Seamlessly browse and switch back and forth between the Web and Gopherspace, with full integration with Android features such as support for multiple devices and resolutions, screen zoom, Home screen shortcuts and portrait and landscape orientations. Handles gopher:// URLs from the Browser automatically! Fast, uses minimal bandwidth, and great for roaming or low-speed links where Web browsing may be slow or costly!

Overbite for Android is a testing alpha. It is in a state of incomplete development. Please read the download and installation instructions carefully.

  • See screenshots!

  • Download and install (Android 4.0 [Ice Cream Sandwich] required; Android 9 [Pie] or higher recommended). Fully compatible with all Android versions through 12 [S].

You can still download previous versions (gopher URL) supporting Android 1.5 [Cupcake] and later. These releases are no longer supported, and may not work properly on later versions of Android. Source code is available for all releases.

Overbite Chrome

PCs and Browsers
If you're looking for a way to access Gopher resources in Google Chrome, try Burrow: Gopherspace Explorer, which allows you to transparently access Gopher resources through public HTTP-Gopher proxies.

The original Overbite Chrome is no longer supported due to changes in Chrome's extension format. It is still available for Chrome 19-23 only.

Other Browsers
and Environments

Use the online Public Gopher Proxy for most browsers and operating systems. The Floodgap Gopher Proxy is designed for most web clients and allows downloads, queries and translation of most major item types. Access is limited by Floodgap Terms of Service.

Overbite downloadable software support for Apple Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer is currently being considered for the future. For these browsers today, please use the Proxy. Other browsers may also be considered upon request. If you are interested in such support being extended to your platform or browser in the future, please send E-mail.
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