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The current release of OverbiteFF for Firefox 38-56, TenFourFox, and SeaMonkey 2.35, is version 3.1.1695, released 25 January 2016. To verify the version of OverbiteFF, type about:gopher into the location bar.

OverbiteFF is no longer supported.

Localization packs for Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Norwegian (Bokmal), Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish are included.

Report any bugs to

  • System Requirements:
    • Mozilla Firefox 38-56. Quantum 57+ is not compatible.
    • Any operating system supported by Firefox 38
    • Or: Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.35+
    • Or: TenFourFox 38.x-45.x, or any TenFourFox FPR

  • Installation/upgrading directions:
    1. Download the add-on to your local computer.
    2. Drag the add-on file to an open browser window or the browser icon on your desktop.
    3. Click the Install Now button after reviewing the security warning, if any.
    4. Restart your browser as directed.
    5. After the browser starts, a new tab will appear indicating that OverbiteFF has been successfully installed or upgraded, along with the version and build number. This tab will appear only the first time you install or upgrade OverbiteFF.
    6. Enjoy Gopherspace. You may now wish to read the Overbite Plugin/Add-On Manual for Mozilla Firefox and SeaMonkey

We regret that the manual is currently only available in English.

OverbiteFF is provided to you under Tri-License terms, namely the GNU General Public License v2, the Mozilla Public License and the GNU Lesser Public License v2.1. Use outside of these licenses is strictly prohibited.

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