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Overbite Chrome is no longer supported.It is only provided for users of Chrome prior to v.24.

The current release of Overbite Chrome for Google Chrome is version 1.0.4, released on 12 August 2012. To verify the version of Overbite Chrome, go to the app menu and select Extensions (or the Window menu).

  • System Requirements:
    • Google Chrome 19.0.x or higher, with extension support (support for this version of Overbite will end with v.24)
    • Any operating system supported by Google Chrome

  • Installation/upgrading directions:
    1. If you have an old version installed, delete it from the Extensions window (see below).
    2. Download the extension to your local computer. Chrome may give you a security warning, which you can disregard (this extension is not currently offered through the App Store during the testing period).
    3. Open the Extensions window (for example, app/Window menu, and select Extensions). You can also directly go to chrome://chrome/extensions/
    4. Drag the .crx to the Chrome window. When "Drop to Install" appears, release the button to drop the file on the window.
    5. Click the Add button after reviewing the privileges required. Overbite Chrome requires access to all website data and to your history in order to rewrite URLs correctly. Your history is not sent to the proxy, or anywhere else.
    6. The browser will indicate it has been successfully installed.

Overbite Chrome provides a transparent interface to Chrome so that you can enter gopher:// URLs in the omnibox (the protocol is required), and click on gopher URLs on web pages.

To function, Overbite Chrome will redirect gopher requests to any available proxy, by default the freely accessible Floodgap Public Gopher Proxy. You can choose another proxy to use by going to the app/Window menu and selecting Extensions, then clicking Options in the Overbite Chrome box. A new tab will appear, allowing you to enter a new proxy URL or reset back to the Floodgap default. You can also click on one of the provided proxies as suggestions.

  • Known issues
    • There is no support for this extension anymore, and it will not receive further updates.
    • Google routinely changes their search URLs, which breaks the strategy this extension uses to intercept them. Please report this promptly so it can be repaired.
    • This extension is implemented by using an external proxy. You should only use proxies you trust, and should not expect that your browsing history will be completely anonymous. Similarly, available functionality and features are completely determined by the proxy you choose.
    • Support for gopher:// URLs in the location bar won't work if you are not using one of the default three search engines (Google, Bing or Yahoo!). Overbite Chrome intercepts the redirect Chrome makes for input it does not recognize, and it will not intercept other URLs pointing to other search engines.

Overbite Chrome is provided to you under the GNU General Public License v2. Use outside of this license is strictly prohibited.

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